Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fashion Tweak! Precious Beast DIY Clutch

In my last post I was a pink bomb exploding among the blooming peach trees while carrying the most beautiful DIY clutch purse EVER MADE!!!  That's because I made it using fabric designed by artist Jackie Phillips of Precious Beast.  You can get your hands on some of her gorgeous fabric here!  Now let's get busy...

 Step #1:  Cut out two pieces of fabric to the size you want your clutch.  Also get yourself a zipper!

 Step #2:  Cut out and iron on the interfacing to each piece according to the directions.  I chose a very thick one to give my bag more structure.

 Step #3:  Cut out two pieces of lining fabric to the size of the bag. I chose a hot pink silk!

Step #4:  Since my zipper was too short for the size I wanted my bag I had to make and attach some tabs to each end.  I watched this YouTube video to figure that out.  If you want to avoid this step and keep things simple, I suggest finding a zipper that is the right length!

Step #5:  Sew zipper to both pieces.

Step #6:  Sew up the sides (remembering to leave an opening at the bottom) and turn inside out!  Iron it and you're ready to rock!

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