Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fashion Tweak! Precious Beast DIY Clutch

In my last post I was a pink bomb exploding among the blooming peach trees while carrying the most beautiful DIY clutch purse EVER MADE!!!  That's because I made it using fabric designed by artist Jackie Phillips of Precious Beast.  You can get your hands on some of her gorgeous fabric here!  Now let's get busy...

 Step #1:  Cut out two pieces of fabric to the size you want your clutch.  Also get yourself a zipper!

 Step #2:  Cut out and iron on the interfacing to each piece according to the directions.  I chose a very thick one to give my bag more structure.

 Step #3:  Cut out two pieces of lining fabric to the size of the bag. I chose a hot pink silk!

Step #4:  Since my zipper was too short for the size I wanted my bag I had to make and attach some tabs to each end.  I watched this YouTube video to figure that out.  If you want to avoid this step and keep things simple, I suggest finding a zipper that is the right length!

Step #5:  Sew zipper to both pieces.

Step #6:  Sew up the sides (remembering to leave an opening at the bottom) and turn inside out!  Iron it and you're ready to rock!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fashion Tweaker + Precious Beast = One Colorful Collaboration!

When Precious Beast artist/designer Jackie Phillips and I found each other online we instantly bonded over our love of color, color and more color!!!  Her artwork is so amazingly beautiful that when she mentioned that some of her work was going to be printed onto fabric I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on it!  So now I present to you the Fashion Tweaker X Precious Beast DIY Clutch!  Go here for step by step instructions on how to make your own...

***Photography by Amy Durham***

Clutch: DIY project with Precious Beast fabric  //  Jacket: Ted Baker  //  Skirt:  Bombay Blonde  //  Sunglasses: Kate Spade  //  Necklaces: Diamant Designs and J.Crew  //  Gold poof: ban.do  //  Belt: Target
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