Tuesday, September 30, 2014

House Tweaker: My Closet Makeover!

There's something about starting your day with an organized closet.  It's like for the first few minutes of the day, as you're deciding what to wear, you can look around and say to yourself "Oh yeah! I got this!"  The rest of the day may fall apart, but at least you had a good start!  The very first thing I did when I got my advance for Candy Cocktails was order my new closet.  The original closet (from 1948) wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't super functional.  I wanted drawers, more hanging space and a built in hamper.  I decided to go with Easy Closets because I liked designing the closet myself online and my husband said he would install it for me.  There's a lot of prep work involved-measuring, cutting, etc...but he said it was fairly easy to install.  One thing's for sure- my days start off a whole lot better now! 


  1. Such a fabulous transformation! Really love your closet, so much color!!


  2. We design, manufacture and install custom closet systems for your home. ... products come with a 10 year warranty and they are made right here, in closet organizer systems Toronto.


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