Friday, August 15, 2014

Flashback Friday: Vivi's First Birthday Party

We're in the middle of preparing for my daughter Vivienne's 2nd birthday bash and I'm knee-deep in piƱatas, papel picado and sugar skulls.  Bet you can't guess what this year's theme is! All this party planning got me thinking about last year's 1st birthday blowout.  I might have gone a tad bit overboard with an actual balloon invitation and 300 balloons on the ceiling in the midst of a helium shortage!  We get serious about party throwing around here.
People always talk about how fast kids grow up and it turns out that they're right.  I am truly blown away by how fast she's grown and how much richer and more exciting she has made our life!

On Flannery- Dress: Forever 21 (also seen here)  //  Necklace: Juicy Couture
On Vivi- Dress: Carter's

***Photography by Amy Durham***

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  1. Love this! Can't wait to see pics from the next partaaay!


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