Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fashion Tweak! H&M Gold Dress (Before)

On Tuesday I showed you the results of a Fashion Tweak that was inspired by a feature on pleated skirts in InStyle magazine.  I bought this H&M gold dress for $15 thinking it might make a good maternity dress a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Since I never used it for that purpose I thought I would tweak it and turn it into a fab skirt!  I love how it turned out!  My mom said I look like a cocktail waitress at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas...and since nobody loves Las Vegas more than me, I'll take that as a compliment!  Ha!  Read the whole story and see the "after" photo shoot here
Step #1:  First I tied a piece of elastic around my waist to determine my waistline and I marked it.

Step #2:  I cut 1" above my marked waistline (chopping off the top half of the dress!)

Step #3:  I cut a 7" opening in the center back (this is where the closure will go)

Step #4:  Using the leftover top half of the dress, I cut a 3" wide piece of fabric to create a placket for the opening

Step #5:  I pinned the placket to the opening (gold metallic sides facing each other)

Step #6:  I sewed the 3" strip of fabric to the opening

Step #7:  I sewed two gathering stitches - one directly on the marked line (from step #2) and one about 1/4" above the marked line.

Step #8:  I put the gold band (officially called "Gold Metallic Pleather Belting" at the fabric store) around my waist and marked the back to know where to cut it (but make sure to leave enough room for the velcro closure!)
Step #9:  I pinned the gold band to match up with the bottom stitched line and sewed it.

Step #10:  I sewed in the velcro and added four snaps to keep it closed*

***I could have added a zipper instead of the snaps and Velcro, but I wanted this to be a fairly quick and easy "tweak"!***


  1. amazing! thanks for showing us how. where to find a 'garbage bag dress' ;-) haha.. inside joke!

  2. Well Done! The skirt is fantastic. Now I need to go in the attic to hunt for maternity clothes.


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