Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fashion Tweak! BCBG Striped Maxi Dress (Before)

Last week I showed you the results of a Fashion Tweak that I've been wanting to do for months!  I bought this BCBG dress at Nordstrom Rack for a steal, but it desperately needed some tweaking.  I'm so happy with how splendidly it turned out! Read the whole story and see the "after" photo shoot here

Step #1: Since the dress was too long for me, I cut 3 inches off of the bottom from the front and back, leaving me with 2 strips of fabric (my new straps!!!)

 Step #2: I pinned those two strips to hold the fabric in place

 Step #3: Then I sewed the edges closed (keep the top and bottom open so you can turn the whole thing inside out)

 Step #4: I turned them inside out and ironed them flat

 Step #5: Next I tried the dress on and pinned the straps where I wanted them

 Step #6: I stitched the straps down

Step #7: I tried the dress on with my new straps to determine the length I wanted.  Then I folded the fabric over and ironed the hem down.

Step #8: I stitched the hem down and...voilĂ !  It's a whole new dress!!!


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