Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maternity Dress Remix!

 I was going through my closet the other day when I happened upon this "lounge" dress that I bought for a maternity shoot with my friend and photographer Amy Durham two years ago (PS: I can't believe my daughter is going to be TWO in August!)  I was hell-bent on looking fabulous throughout my pregnancy, and with the exception of a pair of designer maternity jeans, I bought NOTHING that was technically labeled "Maternity".  Honestly I was grossed out by everything I saw.  I just tweaked regular clothes to make room for my big belly!  The belly is long gone, thankfully, but the dress is still here and still chic, so I remixed it!  

Dress: INC  //  Shoes: Steve Madden  // Necklace: J.Crew

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lemon Love Roundup!

I love seeing how someone else wears something that I have in my closet! Like my hot pink moto jacket or a floral and gingham combo. I showed you my lemon look, now check out how some of my fellow fashion bloggers styled this festive frock from Banana Republic...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Swell Caroline Jewelry Giveaway #2!

It's time for another Swell Caroline giveawaaaaaaay!!!  I absolutely love this orange Sibley necklace and how perfectly it goes with my new lemon print dress!  Check out how Erin from Forever Chic paired her gorgeous mint version with black and white stripes!  See details below to enter to win!!! 

To enter: 
1. Follow @swellcaroline @flannerygood & @shopforeverchic on Instagram and RE-POST a picture of this necklace
2. Share the post on Facebook
3. Comment below telling me how you would wear this necklace

***Winner will be announced on Friday, June 20th***

Orange Necklace: Swell Caroline  //  "F" Necklace: Diamant Designs  //  Dress: Banana Republic  //  Bracelets: Banana Republic  //  Earrings: J. Crew  //  Shoes: J. Crew 

Photography by Amy Durham

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Follow me on Instagram!

I just hit a milestone on Instagram!  500 followers!  Come on over and join the party

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fashion Tweak! BCBG Striped Maxi Dress (Before)

Last week I showed you the results of a Fashion Tweak that I've been wanting to do for months!  I bought this BCBG dress at Nordstrom Rack for a steal, but it desperately needed some tweaking.  I'm so happy with how splendidly it turned out! Read the whole story and see the "after" photo shoot here

Step #1: Since the dress was too long for me, I cut 3 inches off of the bottom from the front and back, leaving me with 2 strips of fabric (my new straps!!!)

 Step #2: I pinned those two strips to hold the fabric in place

 Step #3: Then I sewed the edges closed (keep the top and bottom open so you can turn the whole thing inside out)

 Step #4: I turned them inside out and ironed them flat

 Step #5: Next I tried the dress on and pinned the straps where I wanted them

 Step #6: I stitched the straps down

Step #7: I tried the dress on with my new straps to determine the length I wanted.  Then I folded the fabric over and ironed the hem down.

Step #8: I stitched the hem down and...voilĂ !  It's a whole new dress!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fashion Tweak! BCBG Striped Maxi Dress (After)

As you already know from my 5 Ways to Wear Stripes posts, I have waaaaaaay too many striped things in my wardrobe. So I probably didn't need another one, but this BCBG maxi dress reminds me of a piece of Fruit Stripe gum, so ummmm yeah, I had to have it. And it didn't hurt that it was on clearance for $55.50 at Nordstrom Rack, marked down from $198.  The problem, and there's always a problem with stuff on the clearance rack, was that it didn't fit me!  The top was way too big and the whole thing was too long.  So I put on my "tweaker" hat and cut 3 inches off of the bottom and turned that fabric into straps to hold up the top!  It was a great solution because, well, baggy and saggy is not a good look.  See step by step how I did it here!

Dress: BCBG via Nordstrom Rack // Scarf: Pucci // Earrings: Topshop // Shoes: Paris Hilton

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Swell Caroline Jewelry Giveaway #1!

 I am super excited to announce my partnership with Swell Caroline!  Her costume jewelry is so fun, colorful and crazy affordable!  Fellow fashion blogger Erin of Forever Chic and I will be announcing a Swell Caroline giveaway every Monday for the next three weeks!  Check out how she styled her necklace too!

To enter: 
1. Follow @swellcaroline @flannerygood@shopforeverchic on Instagram. 
2. Comment below telling me how you would wear this minty fresh statement necklace!
***Winner will be announced on Friday, June 6th***

Necklace: Swell Caroline  //  Flower:  DIY  //  Dress: Nordstrom Rack  //  Hat: Target  //  Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples
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