Thursday, May 22, 2014

House Tweaker: My Home Office Makeover!

Five years ago my husband and I sold our 1,000 square foot house and bought a 4,000 square foot house.  Apparently we like to go big AND go home.  But honestly, it was completely and totally overwhelming at first.  It's one thing when one bathroom needs updating, it's another thing when FOUR bathrooms need updating!  When we found out I was pregnant two years ago, my husband asked me what the most important thing on my pre-baby "To-Do" list was, and I said, "MY OFFICE!!!"  I was NOT going to have a baby unless I had a place to go get away from the baby!  Kidding...sort of!

1. Portrait:  Magdalena Montano  //  Neon sign: Kiss My Neon
2. Candy Cocktails by Flannery Good & Katherine Good
3. Clock: Etsy 
4. Hustle print: Charm & Gumption
5. Portrait: Magdalena Montano
6. Gold phone handset: Old, but similar one here 

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