Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The 10 Best and Most Random Things that Happened at Lucky FABB 2014!

1. I had a dance-off with Tami
2. I got an idea for DIY project involving gold spray paint and my husband's shoes

3. I met Thea and Katie and took a closeup of Thea's fabulous "Boob" print dress
4. I was half of this amazeballs color combo (Kate was the other half)

5. I recognized Sannam from IFB and tried to steal her shoes.

6. Parker Simmons wore a gold tutu and then named me "Layers of Flavor" (see below)

7. Laura Lily took a close-up of my "layers of flavor" and Instagrammed them!

8. I met Kacie and Ilse and found out that they live by me!!! Draaaanks at my place!

9. I met three of the sweetest fashion bloggers on the planet (Susan, Jocelyn & Erica)

10. Amy of Swell Caroline and I became besties!

 Dress: Amanda Uprichard  //  Shoes: Kate Spade  //  Necklaces: Cara, Ann Taylor & J.Crew //  Watch: Kate Spade  //  Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane

***Until next time Lucky FABB!*** 


  1. Layers of Flavor is the perfect name for you! You are so fun and vibrant and it was an absolute blast meeting you!


  2. Adorable!! So enjoyed partying with you, keep in touch! xo

  3. Love, love, loved meeting you Flannery!!! LuckyFabb was awesome and I can't wait to see you again!


  4. It was so great seeing you! Love all the bright colors and girl you can boogy!


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